Living and breathing our Field to Vessel ethos, the Shed overflows with freshly cut organically grown flowers from our Field, and lovingly wrapped in dried lotus leaves or compostable brown paper. 


The Garden Shed is more than a nursery. It’s a gathering place. A learning place. 

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the shed

Here, amongst the lush indoor plants, gardening books and tools, you’ll likely find us, hands in a tray of soil, sharing our tips for incorporating sustainable gardening practice into your garden, or musing on the wonders of slow living.

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No matter where you are at in your gardening journey, the Garden Shed has what you need to take your garden to the next level.

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Each season, we run a selection of workshops for kids and adults, locals and visitors alike.

You can learn which plants attract bees, which deter pests, how to compost, create rich soil and how to plant seasonally in our gardening and growing workshops.

Learn to design and create bouquets and arrangements, Botanical dyeing and natural crafts using flowers and products straight from our field.

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