Hey there,

I'm Jess, some people call me Poppy, mum or that crazy chook lady depending how they know me. I have 2 kidlettes, a loving partner and I live on a farm in the hills behind Byron Bay.

I have been a florist for just over 12 years and somehow I still LOVE flowers. I still get excited about unpacking the boxes that come in and handing my brides there bouquets for the first time gives me the warm and fuzzes and quite often tears in my eyes. 

I grow bits and pieces in my home garden and am passionate about being able to offer unique and interesting flowers and natural goodies that are not available anywhere else. Its my dream to one day be able to design all wedding flowers around what is in season and available on my own Flower Farm, To be able to hold workshops where students get to stroll through flower fields picking and choosing before working with them in the studio. 

Being part of your wedding day is an honour for me and not something I take lightly, I design and create all floral work from start to finish therefore I can only take on a limited number of weddings per weekend. 

If you think we would make magic together, Let's catch up, the green smoothies are on me xx