Flower Focus - DAHLIA

Dahlias are by far one of my favourite flowers. When I get a few acres to start my flower farm they are defiantly one of the first things I will grow in mass. The petals, colours and varieties everything about this bouncy bloom just makes my heart flutter. 


Although there seasons seam to be getting longer and longer ( not that I'm complaining) Dahlias are available as a cut flower from November - April. Perfect for Spring and summer weddings. If its colour impact your after, not many plants can compare with the huge variety. Bright and bold to soft and pastel, there medley of romantic shades complement most styling.  

Blooms size varies within the types of Dahlia. The cute and round Bambino starting at around 5cm across, through the Eye Popping and Cacti varieties and then up to the Dinner Plate Dahlia which grow up to 20cm across.

If your wanting to grow your own Dahlias, they grown quite well in most soils. Its ideal if you can give your soil a good dose of animal manure approx 2 weeks before planting, then follow up with another dose when flower buds start to appear. Animal manure is best as fertiliser with to much nitrogen encourages to much growth leaving you with less flowers. The general rule in Australia is to plant tubers around the first week on November. But as long as your aware of your local conditions, you can go earlier then that. As long as they are planted when soil temps are on the raise and there is no chance of frost. Im lucky here in Northern NSW as we can plant end of August Start of September which gives us flowers around 8 weeks after.  Dahlias like to be planted where they will get the morning sun and some shade in the afternoon. Larger varieties do best when staked like a tomato 

I hope you enjoyed my first Flower Focus. That you could relax for just a minute and drool over some beautiful photos, that you could fall in love with flowers and maybe even learn something. Next week I will be focussing on another flower that I will have at my flower farm, the Snapdragon. 

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