Behind the flowers - Boho Beauty @ the Grove

Styled photo shoots!! I LOVE them!!! Wedding Blog and Pinterest porn!! Scrolling through image after image of absolute Perfection. Gathering a selection of amazing vendors, catching up and working together to create magic.

People oftern say how they would love to be me, meeting up with friends and making things look pretty, like I just walked in, sneezed and flowers appeared. Don't get me wrong I love everything about what I do, photo shoots are heaps of fun and I do love being able to catch up with vendors who you normally only get to quickly say hi to, plus you end up with a file full of gorgeous photos showcasing your work, but theres a bit more to it then hanging out and making things look pretty. Today I'm going to take you behind the flowers of a recent shoot Boho Beauty @ the Grove. You can see the full shoot here


After copious amounts of emails back and forth, Style guides, design ideas and lots and lots of inspiration the day before the shoot arrived. I picked up the flowers from the airport and headed home. Once all flowers were unpacked, prepped and in water I did the garden walk around foraging foliages and extra special goodies ready to go. I washed all vessels being used and set everything out to put together a game plan.

That afternoon I created the bridal bouquet, some small arrangements in mixed silver and brass vessels and I organised and separated which flowers were going in each pieces being created on site the following day.


3.30am Bound stems of bouquet with tape and ribbons. Packaged up and boxed arrangements so they would stay upright in transit. Cut some more foliage and then packed the car.

6.30am Had a quick nap :)

8.30am Jumped in the car and headed over to The Grove. When I arrived I had a walk around and checked everything out. Discussed with Rachael and Shelly about plan for the day and finalised areas of venue to be styled and shot.

9.30am Started on table display. Had quick catch ups and checked out everyones goodies as they arrived.

10.30-11am Started on smaller pieces to be done. Constructed some foliage garlands ready to use later in the day. 

11.30-12.30 Shelly had started shooting. Rachael and myself started to get Tipi set up styled, we adding in the flowers to the other areas that were set and ready to be photographed. 

12.30 Everyone stopped what they were doing and came over to the coffee table which had been transformed into a delicious feasting area. We did some hand modelling (mine are bottom left) then we did something that NEVER happens, WE ATE!!!! We actually stopped, had a quick brake, enjoyed a glass of wine and ate the amazing food Leila had prepared. 

1.30pm Dragged myself away from the group and arranged the flowers on the mirror.

3pm Most of my arranging had been done by this point so I sat back for awhile watching others do their thing. I tweaked flowers or moved vases when needed.

4-5pm The last few shots of the day are always my favourite. Once we ran around like mad women getting pillows and rugs ready before the sun set,  everyone apart fro Shelly had finished the "work" part and so we watched and enjoyed the beauty we have created. 

5.30pm Packed down. Enjoyed some of Bre's stunning desert then said our goodbyes and headed home.

The dream team:

Venue: The Grove Planning/Styling: Peachey Pie Photography: Ivy Road
Tipi (Bell Tent): Byron Bay Tipi WeddingsFilm: Roost Hire: Hampton Event Hire                    Hair: Jarrah Hustler Hair Makeup: Pollyanna Bernhard                                                        Catering: Your Gourmet Dessert: The Cake That Ate Paris
Florals: Poppy & Fern Stationery: Bec Borradale
Dress & Headpiece: Spell Designs
Suit: Wil Valor