8th June 2012

Photography: Byron Loves Fawn

Styling: Fresh Honey Weddings

Flowers: Poppy & Fern


Bride bouquet: Loose cascading bouquets consisting of lots of gardenia, leather fern, asparagus fern, silver dollar foliage and soft cream and white blooms. Peony Roses, Large roses, stock, snapdragons, astilbe. Natural stems bound with natural twine.

Bridesmaids Bouquet: Round natural stem bouquet consisting of Peony Roses, Carnations, large roses, Freesia, mixed ferns and foliage. 

Ceremony Flowers: Hanging Pomander balls made up of Babies breath and silver dollar foliage. Mixed vintage vessels of matching flowers and foliage.

Reception: Flower backdrop behind bridal table made of ferns, foliage and mass amounts on snapdragons and hanging glass gars filled with peony roses. Mixed bottles,  jars and vessels filled with Stocks, Snapdragons, Roses, Peony Roses, Cluster Roses, Astilbe, Freesia, Lissianthus and mixed foliage.

Wedding Collection - Byron loves Fawn  (529) **.jpg