Poppy & Fern is a sustainable flower farm and florist cultivating the slow flower movement at The Farm in Byron Bay, one seed at a time. 

For us, there is nothing quite like the richness of the earth and the pure joy of watching a flower germinate and bloom. 

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We grow flowers and foliage from the soil up, because it connects us to the earth, and the seasons. 

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We use organic processes simply because it’s best for people, the planet and the bees. 

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We breathe in nature’s simple glory and exhale raw, wild designs giving each bloom room to shine because, let’s be honest, nature knows best. 

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The call of the flowers has always been strong for our Jess, aka Poppy. From crafting floral gifts as a young girl, to work experience in a florist as a teenager, the path was always clear. 

Over the last 12 years, Jess soaked in the wisdom of leaders in floristry, permaculture and horticulture. She is a woman who grows and creates with incredible heart, soul and integrity.  

Along the way, her love for fresh dahlias awakened a vision of owning her own flower farm where she could design with locally grown blooms. Sculpting breathtaking botanical designs was just the beginning. 

Now, she’s living the dream planting, growing, and designing amongst a community of like-minds on The Farm in the Byron Bay hinterland. 

For Jess, life is best when she’s connected to the land. It’s why she wakes up every day to walk the Field, breathing the same air as our flowers, and stopping to watch them germinate. You might see her kneeling to the earth to scoop up the rich volcanic Byron Bay soil and letting it run between her fingers. If you ask her, she’ll tell you there’s magic in that soil. 

It’s an indescribable feeling. I get it from the soil, I get it from the buds, I get it from the blooms 
— Jess, The Sustainable Farmer-Florist.